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We are artists and experts in durable decorative plaster of lime and clay.


With a passion for organic art and construction, as well as aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly design, we create unique and beautiful interiors and objects. We also offer courses, advice and quality assurance for you and your projects.

Since Creative Coatings was founded in 2012, we have completed more than 300 unique assignments worldwide. We have plastered fountains, bathrooms, staircases, furniture, works of art, sculptures and entire pent houses, department stores, hotels and SPA facilities.

Below is a selection of our work.


Lime has traditionally been used as a plaster in SPAs and hammams for hundreds of years. The smooth and waterproof surface is suitable for all types of wet areas.

Creative Coatings have plastered everything from steam saunas to uniquely designed bathtubs and entire SPA facilities.


Like Smådalarö Gård SPA where we decorated the entire interior with around 500 square meters of warm, sand-colored Monosoft on walls, pillars and fire places.


Creatina is a thin and very dynamic plaster that we use to create a variety of creative effects.


From seashell imitations with shimmering pearls to shiny stucco lustro, clouds, art and marbles.  

Here, at a customer's home in Stockholm, we created a rare oxblood and gold-colored marbling on request.


We had the opportunity to work with several of our techniques on more than 3,500 sqm in the transformation of a historic university building into a hotel. We worked through 40 hotel rooms, the lobby and the hotel's SPA.

The design was divided into three themes: Geologie with strong colors and large patterns, Zoologie which was more in earthy brown and beige tones and then Botanique with organic green and vegetation.

We covered the floors with ClayStone and used MonoSoft on the walls where the traditional limestone facade from the original building met our modern smooth plaster. Twelve people in the team and the project lasted for four months.


White Claystone decorates this elegant bathroom on ceilings, walls, invisible shutters and bathtubs.  

Creative Coatings also build specially designed furniture, chests of drawers, sinks, cast bathtubs and shelves that can be plastered in seamlessly and beautifully with other surfaces.


A new flagship store for H&M in Hammersmith. A fresh and modern look with focus on environmentally friendly materials and a feeling of courtyard with stone and green plants.


We plastered walls in this and two other stores, as well as over 24 checkout counters and 80 tables in lovely gray and white ClayStone. The projects were carried out over three weeks with a team of seven people.


When the ice hotel in northern Sweden launched its new concept "Icehotel 365", Creative Coatings had the honor of working with all SPA parts and bathrooms.

With cool tones in gray, blue and green (pigments such as Ocean, Bulle, Saphir and Ardoise) we were able to achieve an icy but harmonious feeling.

All twelve rooms have their own SPA part which was decorated with ClayStone and we built the unique sinks from scratch. All public toilets in the hotel also got a beautifully plastered surface. We were twelve people from Creative Coatings and SwedesignGroup who plastered for a month.


Stora Hotellet in Umeå wanted to create an underwater feeling. Turquoise blue in the reception that turns deep blue through the lobby and the restaurant to reveal mighty sea monsters on the walls at the far end of the restaurant.


We developed the technology for how the graphics sink into the material, plastered all surfaces with ClayStone, created the sea monsters according to the architects' drawings and sanded with a unique method to make it feel aged. The effect is like a wavy rock - under water.


In the small toilet room for Oaxen, we worked through all the steps for genuine and traditional application of Tadelakt.

We apply a coarser plaster with thicker grain as a foundation for the Tadelakt to stick. The Tadelakt is applied and then scrubbed with a wooden board to make it as even as possible. With steel tools, the coarsest grains are pressed in to create a shiny, durable and velvety smooth surface

The surface is then polished glossy with a hard agate stone and treated with natural olive soap. The work results in a fantastic surface that gives a natural stone feeling in a room with soft walls and a balanced shine. Original Tadelakt from Tierrafino was used.


We wanted to create something really unique with our materials and combine the beautiful natural plaster with organic shapes and dome architecture. With the help of SuperAdobe technology, we are building an entire eco-village that will be used as a resort on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.


Construction is in full swing and the plan is to open in 2021. We are extremely proud of the result: beautiful, artistic surfaces that are combined with an eco-friendly concept based on permaculture and a fantastic paradise place. This needs to be experienced rather than described in words:


Rustic concrete feel at Espresso House

Creative Coatings was contracted to polish 350 tables for Espresso House in Norway and Sweden. We also refurbished a grandstand in a shopping center for the coffee chain. The tables were clad with ClayStone in a dark gray tone that gives a rustic feeling of concrete despite the velvety smooth surface.


Unique patina adorns the walls of six of Panini's restaurants in Stockholm.

We developed our very own technique to make the surface look crackled and resemble results that can be seen after Japanese raku burning of ceramics.


A beautiful surface of Creatina, polished and finished for a unique experience.


We collaborated with architects from Stylt Trampoli and developed a natural feeling with clay paint on the walls, rustic concrete feel on the restaurant tables and playful patterns on the floor.


We sanded the floor to make it look aged.

For greater depth and durability, a two-component hard wax oil was used.

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