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Coming courses:

Professional course 15-16 Feb

Introduction course 17 Feb

We offer courses in ClayStone , Creatina and Monosoft .

The course will give you as a craftsman a foundation in the handling of our lime and clay plaster materials from ClayLime. This also gives you access to a growing market. We are constantly looking for new collaborations and we see great opportunities to work with you on the next project. Building the experience required to ensure the quality of a job takes time and therefore we see this course as a first step before training in the field where we help you get started with your own projects.

  • Start 9:00

  • Introduction of Creative Coatings and ClayLime

  • Presentation of our portfolio and our materials

  • Presentation of the type of collaborations we want to create with those who take the course

  • Screening and sample application of Claystone , Creatina and Monosoft

Day 1


Day 2

  • Start 9:00

  • Presentation of techniques for finish and surface treatment

  • Finishing and surface treatment

  • Free work with the materials

  • Distribution of diplomas

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