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About CC

Our passion for aesthetics and eco-friendly sustainable materials led us in 2009 from modern craft methods to an ancient Moroccan plastering technique, Tadelakt. Today we are a group of skilled artisans who have created creative surfaces in more than 300 projects worldwide.

With our own plastering techniques, we can realize your dream design on everything from walls, floors and ceilings to specially designed furniture. And if you have a creative idea, feel free to discuss it with us, because unique art assignments are closest to our creative hearts.

We create seamless stone surfaces, from velvety smooth finishes with a beautiful shine to creative, rustic and patinated feel. With our arsenal of pigments we can color and match as desired, the only limit is your imagination. ​

With a passion for art and design, we take on our craft so that the rooms and surfaces we create will have an exclusive, handmade and artistic character.


CC team 

David Paulin



David is one of the founders of Creative Coatings and has a great love for finding new ways to organize and live more ecologically. In addition to environmentally friendly interiors, David is committed to how we can build entire houses and communities in a sustainable way. His garden is a work of art where giant zucchinis grow.

photo martin profilbild.JPG

Martin Condominas



Martin is one of the founders of Creative Coatings, artist and specialist in clay and lime plaster materials. With an eye for perfection and a heart for nature, he explores his creativity in painting, music and sculpture as well as the preservation of ancient craftsmanship, on his way towards a gentle life closer to the forest.


Anne Setterwall





Zoe Johansson


Zoi studied at art college, has a wide arsenal of expressions and has explored color and form throughout her life. She writes deep texts that deal with everything between social criticism and human panic in her honest lyrics. Through her unique artistic lens, creativity always flows towards new expressions and plaster is one of them.


Fanny Fermelin


Fanny has studied at Konstakademiet in Oslo. Through video, sculpture and painting, she tells stories, often with inspiration from the theater and always with humor. She likes to work big and to work with her hands. Through fresco painting, she had her first encounter with lime as a material.


Joakim Setterwall


Joakim is an artist with a love for all things human. He tattoos his artworks in his very own style which now adorns many bodies. He paints, polishes, creates and explores everything between dark and light with high integrity. With a smile and creative flow, with good music in the headphones and on a skateboard, life is a party.


Marika Wittmar


Marika is a multi-artist based in a community in the middle of Småland's deepest forests. She is a singer, musician, artist and artisan, runs her own music projects and animates films using stop motion technique. With her great interest in colour, form and eco-friendly materials, she loves to devote herself to creating beautiful and sustainable surfaces.

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