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Creative Coatings are experts in natural organic lime and clay plaster materials. We have given life to decorative surfaces for many years and participated in more than 300 unique projects. With our own plastering techniques we can realize your dream design on everything from walls, floors and ceilings to specially designed furniture.

We create seamless stone surfaces with a feeling of real concrete, natural stone or marble. From completely velvety smooth finish with beautiful shine to creative, rustic and patinated vibe that can resemble anything from rust, clouds and water to polished metal or gemstone and Stucco Lustro.

With a passion for art and design we accomplish our craft, so that the rooms and surfaces we create radiate exclusivity and a handmade artistic character. By using shapes or imaginative textures we can also create exciting patterns and expressions on all types of flat surfaces. With our arsenal of pigments we can color and match as desired. It is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Here we want to inspire new ideas for your eco-renovation.

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Bathroom - infinite possibilities

Kitchen - some creative combinations

Room & Interior - walls & floors in every conceivable environment